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The Beauty Alternative
Sugar Milk Honey's goal is to give people an alternative to shopping at chain stores, while introducing people to amazingly fresh, luscious and efficacious beauty products.

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We work hard to bring you only the coolest, most luxurious items from the most creative brands...and your orders will be packed with love!

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Sugar Milk Honey

Our Commitment To You
We happily believe that business can and should be fun, life-serving and human-scale. In a world where many of the "big" beauty companies out there are owned by a few large corporations, Sugar Milk Honey strives to provide products to our clientele, with the same love and care that a dedicated artisan would. We also maintain a strong commitment to socially conscious enterprise. We are honored to offer any support we can to charities, along with providing complimentary products for many worthy causes. Sugar Milk Honey never carries brands that test on animals and we strive to continually discover the most unique and efficacious ingredients for use in the formulations of our products. We believe that a business built on innovation, integrity and balance is a happy, healthy and strong one. As we strive to stay on the cutting edge we hope that this will result in the Sugar Milk Honey experience being among the best on the planet!