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Test M.O.D. Product

A rich, natural aroma greets you as soon as you begin to massage its creamy, delicate texture into your soon to be baby soft skin.

Every step of the way from our shop to your door, we pay fanatical attention to ensure the quality of your sugar scrub. This passion begins with building a direct relationship with you, so we can ensure that our standards are always as high as yours.

We specifically source the highest quality ingredients for our sugar scrub to preserve and enhance the natural exfoliating properties of the scrub's all important element...beautiful, golden, tropical cane sugar. Our master mixologist has tinkered with and tested this exfoliating gem, tirelessly, to achieve the ultimate in quality and consistency. Furthermore, we create each scrub to order, which ensures the freshest experience possible.

Our fanaticism pays off in (possibly) the best sugar scrub available on the market today.

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